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Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. The typical growth rate for bamboo is 3-40cm per day during the growing period. It’s a green construction material.

HTR® Bamboo, a professional bamboo products supplier, specializes in the sale of bamboo products, such as Bamboo Plywood, Bamboo Countertops, Bamboo Desktop, Bamboo Workbench Top, Bamboo Strand Woven Flooring and Bamboo Outdoor Decking, Bamboo Wall Cladding, Woven Bamboo Panels, and so on.

Our bamboo plants cover an area of 100,000m2. Thanks to our superior bamboo resources and advanced production technology, There are multiple 400-ton multi-layer presses; 7 single-side press machines; There are 675 workers in the entire factory;50 technical personnel;15 advanced fully automatic color grading equipment;4 advanced fully automatic bamboo tube cutting equipment;12 CNC full bamboo plywood cutting types of equipment;8 CNC engraving equipment. we export up to 3 million square meters of bamboo panels worldwide. Our main markets are N. America, Australia. and European Countries.

Reply on years of experience in the bamboo industry, professional and flexible production methods, and diversified product range. The team of HTR® Bamboo hopes to provide our customers the premium products and perfect service.

We warmly welcome customers from all around the world to visit our company.

HTR® Bamboo Vision: Use more bamboo, Cut fewer trees, and Let’s protect our blue planet together.

Bamboo Entering The Factory

Extraction Of Bamboo

Bamboo Cutting

Preliminary Planning Of Bamboo Slices

Fine Planing Of Bamboo Slices

Preliminary Planning And Storage

Bamboo Drying

Bamboo Carbonization

Robot Color Selection Classification

Manual Check

Bamboo Lamination

Upper Press Plate Arrangement

Bamboo Board Storage

Bamboo Board Quality Inspection

Bamboo Board Sanding

Pressing Plate Forming