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Bamboo Plywood Production Process

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Bamboo Plywood Data Sheet

Size: Accept Customization
Thickness: ≤100mm Color: Carbonized / Natural /Tiger/Strand Woven
Width: ≤1300mm Grain: Vertical/Horizontal/Strand woven
Length: ≤4000mm Moisture: 10% +/-2%
Construction: 1-20 Layers Density: 0.65-0.7g/cm3
Glue: E0,E1 Hardness: 25% Harder Than Maple
SGS Product Healthy Inspection: HTR Bamboo SGS Inspection Report FSC Certificate code: BV-COC-166804
Delivery time: HTR Bamboo Production Schedule
Packaging: HTR Bamboo Packing Details or According to the customer’s requirements
Surface: Prefinished with a food-safe mineral oil compound or unfinished are all available.

1 Layer Vertical Natural

1 Layer Vertical Carbonized

3 Layers Vertical Carbonized

7 Layers Horizontal Natural

3 Layers Horizontal Carbonized

4 Layers Horizontal Natural

5 Layers Vertical Carbonized

1-Layer Zebra

Bamboo Plywood Blog

How Do You Install Bamboo Flooring On Plywood?

Prepare the subfloor: Make sure the plywood subfloor is clean, dry, level, and free of any debris or protruding nails. If necessary, sand down any high spots or fill in low spots with a leveling compound.

Can Bamboo Plywood Be Combined With Epoxy?

Bamboo plywood can be combined with epoxy to create a strong and durable composite material that can be used for various applications. Here are some key points to keep in mind when using bamboo plywood with epoxy.

Can Bamboo Plywood Be Used For An Exterior Home Improvement Project?

Yes, bamboo plywood can be used for exterior home improvement projects, but it is important to use a specific type of bamboo plywood that is designed for outdoor use