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The earthy design radiates warmth – the bamboo is colored by actually heating the wood – and matches nicely with your favorite greenery to create a welcoming climate. Embodying an instant aesthetic that’s mood-enhancing and fun, it’s a perfect centerpiece for startups, freelancers, and anyone who works best in an energized context.

In the face of environmental degradation, the daily stock of natural forests is declining. As one of the fastest growing plants in the world, bamboo is a perfect substitute. The bamboo can be used for every three or four years. Furthermore, after chopping the bamboo, it will re-grow in another 3 to 4 years. What makes it a better substitute for timber is that bamboo does not need to rely on other plants to survive. Bamboo fiber can clean its own air and filter formaldehyde, bamboo furniture, and adequate raw materials, and with the global shortage of timber, bamboo will become the new darling material of the furniture industry.

Material Production

Our bamboo countertop is made of bamboo panels which after bamboo poles of cut, bamboo strips of careful selection, carbonized and drying bamboo slat and pressing.

Finished product production

Through cut bamboo panel according to customer requirements, then three times sanding and ten times painting to make the bamboo countertop

Bamboo countertops

Bamboo strips are produced into bamboo plywood

Bamboo plywood are produced into bamboo countertop

Some Useful Figures:

North American Size: 36″ x 72″ x 1.5″, 30″ x 96″ x 1.5″, 25.5”x72”x1.5”, 40”x73”x1.5” and etc.
UK Size: 2.0 m / 3.0 m / 4.0 m x 620 / 720 / 960mm x 40mm and etc.
Europe Size: 2400mm x 600mm x 27mm, 3000mm x700mm x 40mm,1220x2440x18-40mm and etc.
Construction: Vertical/Horizontal Material: 100% solid bamboo
Moisture: Compression: Density: 0.65-0.75g/cm3
Glue: Melamine,WBP,MR Glue grade: E0,E1,E2
Certification: FSC,ISO9001,CE Payment: T/T or L/C at sight
Compression: 110KN-m/kg Themal conductivity: 17W/m-k
Modulus of elasticity: elasticity / 1.3GPa, compressibility / 27GPa
Delivery time: 20 days after receive the deposit
Packaging: Bamboo pallets,100pcs/package or According to your requirements
Application: Kitchen countertops , Kitchen Island Countertops, Garage working table tops, Bathroom Countertops, table tops or shelving

We Are Responsible For The Product

Raw Material Production Testing

Before we make a bamboo countertop, we would check if each plain panel’s surface is smooth and balanced. As well as if there are any gaps inside and exterior? Then we also check if the body has any dust, and finally make three times sanding and ten times coating.

Finished Product Testing

Once the production finished, we would test the countertop from a two-point. One is a coating, and another is a countertop craft. We will use the particular machine to test. It’s including the layer of scratch resistance, adhesion panels, brightness, and hardness. Ensure all these factors are achieving customer requirements.

Packaging Inspection

After testing the finished products, we will check the packaging. We should ensure each piece of countertop packing into an individual package. Every package is complete without any damage. And all shipping marks should reach customer requirements.

Quality control in every production link

We are all using

Bamboo countertops Blog

Bamboo countertops may fancy you, but they are high maintenance. If you’re a sustainable living enthusiast, then the fact may not deter you. If you’re not a fan and bought the bamboo countertop for its aesthetics, you need to read this blog

The Bamboo plant matures in 5 to 7 years. It also grows faster than other flooring alternatives like Oak. Oak takes around 30 to 40 years to experience full growth. This makes Bamboo a viable option to use in our homes as countertops.

To cut countertops from bamboo slabs, you’ll have access to carpeting tools, enough bamboo planks, and measurement tools like angle locators. You’ll cut and glue the planks together with adhesives for stronger strength so it doesn’t tear out with time.